Kickboxing at CageworX: Welcoming Coach Phil Beatty, 3rd Degree Black Belt

We’re very excited to welcome Coach Phil Beatty who is now teaching kickboxing at CageworX! Coach Beatty’s entire adult life has been devoted to the instruction of martial arts and fitness. He believes in putting all his focus on his client’s safety, results and a positive experience. Mr. Beatty is a 3rd degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate and KickboxinPhil Beatty Martial Arts Instructor in Port Angelesg with over 30 years martial arts experience, a certified Level III F.A.S.T. Defense™ instructor, and certified F.A.S.T. Defense For Children™ instructor. He is also a veteran fitness trainer specializing in Fitness Kickboxing, Adventure Fitness and athletic strength and conditioning. From 2003 to 2015 he and his life partner, Donna Everhart, owned and operated the popular St. Petersburg Florida based Elite Training Center, an 8,000 square foot Kickboxing, MMA and Cross-Training fitness center. During that time Phil not only trained the general public but also coached professional fighters for strength, speed and endurance conditioning. During his time at Elite Training Center he helped design and instructed the fitness and motivation curriculum for the All Children’s Hospital Fit-For-All-Kids™ weight management program.

Phil is also an avid obstacle course mud racer. He started and led his training center’s obstacle course mud racing team “Elite Training Warriors” through three of the notorious 12 mile “Tough Mudders,” four of the 8 mile “Savage Races” and numerous other obstacle course races since 2010.

Phil is the author and former certification director for the “National Association of Professional Martial Artists” Fitness Kickboxing™ program. From 2001 to 2004 he traveled and certified over 2000 professional instructors in Fitness Kickboxing™. During that time he also served as an international fitness and martial arts continuing education presenter teaching fitness product training seminars to fitness professionals for “Spri Products” fitness gear. He was also a video instructor featured on training videos for “Power Systems” fitness equipment company, teaching use and training drills for their boxing and kickboxing products.

Phil also proudly served his country with six years of honorable U.S. military service.

Kickboxing at CageworX: Coach Beatty’s Martial Arts, Self-Defense & Combat Training History

Phil Beatty started his formal martial arts training at USA Karate in St. Petersburg Florida on January 6, 1985, under John Graden and achieved his Black Belt on March 23, 1989. USA Karate was also the training facility of the Legendary Joe Lewis, the man Black Belt Magazine named as “The Greatest Fighter of All Time.” The Joe Lewis Fighting System taught to Beatty is a combination of the most effective strategic full-contact kickboxing and hand-to-hand combat available. Phil is certified Joe Lewis Kickboxing Instructor and has his 2nd Degree Black Belt under Joe Lewis as well as John Graden. The focus of Mr. Beatty’s training and specialized studies is in reality self-defense and empty-hand combat. Mr. Beatty is certified by internationally known combat and self-defense expert Bill Kipp, the chief instructor and creator of F.A.S.T. Defense™ (Fear Adrenal Stress Training). Mr. Beatty is a certified instructor in F.A.S.T. Defense™ for Level I (Stand-Up Aggression), Level II (Ground Aggression), Level III (Weapons Disarming), and F.A.S.T Defense For Children™ (stranger abduction and bullying prevention and self-defense). After opening Elite Training Center in 2003 Phil trained many of his students to Black Belt and trained many successful martial arts competitors. From 2009 to 2014 Mr. Beatty was a Florida State Athletic Commission Licensed Fight Trainer and coached many amateur and professional fighters. Phil has trained everyone from the most vulnerable in the general public to military personnel. He is pleased to offer his experience and training, teaching self defense, fitness and kickboxing at CageworX for recreational and fight training purposes.