Specialized Personal Training Systems

The CageworX Specialized Personal Training Systems include a wide range of options including General Fitness, Core Specific, Combat Conditioning , Outdoor Activity Training and much, much more!

Fitness Kickboxing in Port Angeles

Fitness Kickboxing: Authentic kickboxing on heavy bags and targets with abs and flexibility thrown in for fun! It’s a kick-butt, sweat pouring, bag hammering, aggression releasing, power punching workout for the raging kickboxer deep inside us all! Lots of combinations and drills will leave you sweaty and pleasantly fatigued. This training has a very high calorie burn. If you want to be lean and muscularly solid, this is the one.

Body-Sculpting: This type of training is designed to help you achieve the appearance results that you’ve always wanted. Just imagine having great abs, nice shoulders, solid legs and arms, and don’t forget a rockin’ booty! We can help you get the type of body that you’ve always wanted but just couldn’t seem to produce on your own.

Fight Camp Cross-Training: Extreme endurance and strength development training using agility drills, punching bags, Jungle Gym suspension training, calisthenics, kettlebells, and heavy ropes. One of the toughest fitness systems ever.

Mixed Martial Arts Fitness: Train like an MMA Fighter without having to fight. Ground-and-pound bag work, mitt work, heavy bag work all lead to the same end: a rock hard MMA Fighter body. Get results you never thought possible with MMA conditioning drills.

General Fitness: This type of training is tailored individually to help the client maintain a healthy cardiovascular system for longevity, a solid muscular structure to help keep the skeletal structure sound and create a healthy endurance level to enjoy what life has to offer.

Boot Camp Training: Heavy bag work, calisthenics, obstacle courses, resistance training, combat techniques on targets, serious abdominal training. You don’t have to be in the Special Forces to train like them.

Abs and Core Training: This is complete core strengthening and sculpting training using floor, exercise ball, kettlebell and Jungle Gym training methods. Your core is the center of your body and its job is to keep your back stable and healthy, but being a sexy looking part of your body makes us feel good too. We can help you have the abs that you’ve always dreamed of.

Alternative Strength: We can help achieve the level of strength that you are looking for. We will design your individualized program to include sessions that help you reach your goals by using creative utilization of natural body weight resistance, Jungle Gym suspension gear, free weights, calisthenetics, resistance balls, medicine balls, kettlebells and punching bag training.

Weight Loss: Weight loss is the #1 benefit that people use personal trainers for. It takes a consistent blend of cardio and strength training combined with a healthy diet to achieve this. The key is consistency. We’ve learned from experience that people can’t be consistent unless they enjoy it. Not enjoying exercise is the #1 reason for dropping out and failing at your fitness goals. We will find the fitness activities that you enjoy and you’ll see real results.

Adventure Fitness: If you have an adventurous side to you, this class is for you. It’s designed after Phil Beatty’s own training system for adventure obstacle-course racing. The training combines intervals of half mile runs with four minute cross-training drills. You’ll get in amazing shape and maybe even try an adventure race.

Combat Conditioning: Serious athletic fighter training. Fitness and martial arts enthusiasts welcome. This training is designed to test and improve your competitive physical endurance. Train like the next MMA champ. (There is no fighting in this training.)

Speed and Agility: If you are looking to improve on a demanding sport that requires these two attributes, you need more than a room full of machines. You need a trainer that understands what being athletic truly means and will push you to improve and that’s where we come in. We’ll coach you to get the benefits you desire.

Outdoor Activity Training: This training is for people who want to improve their performance in a favorite outdoor activity. Whether it’s hiking, adventure obstacle course racing, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking or any other activity you want to physically improve at, we can help. Specific training for an individual activity can greatly improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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