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CageworX 2016 Year in Review

CageworX’s 2016 was a big one. Probably the biggest change…babies. We got ’em! Cody & Jenny’s first child, Waylen, was born in February.

Babies at CageworX

CageworX Coaches & Staff

Coach Cody Houston continued to offer high level Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi and no gi instruction. Phil Beatty joined CageworX, offering his many years of experience to provide excellent kickboxing and fitness classes. Grant Gilliam’s arrival brought the addition of Monday night combat Sambo/Judo training. Jake Blaski began teaching the Thursday night no gi class and Jenn Lozada started a Women-only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on Saturdays. Sara continued to provide administrative/front desk support.

CageworX Youth Classes

The youth kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs continued to grow. The kids BJJ competition team also saw a great deal of success in regional competitions.

CageworX Fight Team

Billy Cortani and Dexter Thumm, Jr. had very successful amateur kickboxing debuts. Darrell Hutchins joined the fight team and had his debut as a CageworX fighter. Josh McCool did well in his kickboxing and Muay Thai matches. Fighters Jake Blaski and Jacob Goudie finished their amateur careers with a flourish and began to fight professionally. Coach Cody Houston returned to the cage for the first time in over 13 years to win his amateur fight just after turning 40! CageworX also continued to do cage set ups and sanctioning for a number of fights in Washington.

Building Purchase & Poser Yoga+CageworX

Another huge change was the purchase of the entire building by Cody & Jenny Houston. Jenny’s yoga studio, Poser Yoga, was moved from their downtown location to right next door to CageworX. It was no small feat. Cody, Jenny, their family and friends (including members of the yoga studio and CageworX) made it happen!

Giving to the Community

During the holiday season, CageworX and Poser Yoga teamed up to give back to the community. We had a very successful peanut butter drive and, like last year, we adopted a local family for whom we collected needed gifts to help them start the new year right.

The CageworX/PoserYoga Peanut Butter drive allowed us to give much needed protein to the Port Angeles Food Bank

2016…and Beyond!

2016 was incredibly busy and productive. 2017 looks to be another year of tremendous change and growth as PoserYoga joins CageworX. (Literally cutting a doorway to join the two businesses.) Many thanks to everyone who’s part of the CageworX family!!!

CageworX Fight Team Rocked the Warehouse Wars

The CageworX fight team recently made a great showing at Warehouse Wars in Arlington last Saturday! Josh ‘El Matador’ McCool and Darrell L. Hutchins took to the ring for some exciting kickboxing bouts.

Darrell hasn’t been in a ring or cage for over four years and had a hard three-round match up. Although this kickboxing smoker didn’t decide winners or losers, Darrell was the obvious winner against a tough opponent.

El Matador felt out his opponent for a brief period and then put an end to it with a body kick that took his guy down at 1:01 of the first round.

Thanks to Landon Showalter for the opportunity, and for putting on a good old fashioned smoker event where guys and girls can get a more realistic fight show


2015 Fall Tournaments & CageworX Fight Team Schedule

The tournament and CageworX fight team event schedule below includes websites for online registration/ticket sales as well as exact addresses to help you find your way!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitions

Oregon Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Saturday • September 12
This is the biggest Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Oregon and uses the IBJJF rules. Adult, youth, gi and no gi divisions. It will be held at the Liberty High School Gym, 21945 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR. For more information and to register online: SubLeague.com/events/oregon-open/


Saturday • October 3
The North American Grappling Association returns to Washington state, offering adult, youth, gi and no gi divisions. Pre-registration closes at midnight, September 25, 2015. For rules and online registration, visit Nagafighter.com.  The event will be held at Everett Community College Student Fitness Center 2206 Tower St. Everett, WA. Members of the CageworX Competition Team will be going to this one! Contact Professor Houston if you are interested in competing.

G Sub X

Saturday • October 3
This submission only tournament has adult divisions for both gi and no gi. No youth divisions at this time. The event will be at Garfield Community Center, 2323 E. Cherry St., Seattle, WA. For rules and online registration, visit GSUBX.com.

Proving Grounds VII

Saturday • October 17
This submission only grappling tournament offers both adult and youth divisions, gi and no gi. • Interlake High School, 16245 NE 24th St. Bellevue, WA. For rules and online registration, please go to KYPromotions.com.

IBJJF Seattle International Open

Saturday • October 24
This is the big one! IBJJF has only recently started having tournaments in the Seattle area. Youth, adults, gi and no gi divisions for those who want to participate in this tourney with international ranking. (Unfortunately, this is also the same day as the biggest amateur event of the year, Battle in the Barn. Most of the CageworX competition team and coaching staff will be unable to participate.) • The event will be held at Everett Community College Student Fitness Center 2206 Tower St. Everett, WA. For rules and online registration, please go to IBJJF.org.

The Revolution

Saturday • November 14
The largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the Pacific Northwest, The Revolution will again be offering adults and youth a chance to compete in both gi and no gi divisions. Register online, get directions and rules information at LeapLLC.comPlease note: Due to a previously scheduled seminar, the CageworX coaching staff will not be available for this tournament. However, we highly recommend competing in this event which gives you a minimum of two matches.

Upcoming CageworX Fight Events

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