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CageworX 2016 Year in Review

CageworX’s 2016 was a big one. Probably the biggest change…babies. We got ’em! Cody & Jenny’s first child, Waylen, was born in February.

Babies at CageworX

CageworX Coaches & Staff

Coach Cody Houston continued to offer high level Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi and no gi instruction. Phil Beatty joined CageworX, offering his many years of experience to provide excellent kickboxing and fitness classes. Grant Gilliam’s arrival brought the addition of Monday night combat Sambo/Judo training. Jake Blaski began teaching the Thursday night no gi class and Jenn Lozada started a Women-only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on Saturdays. Sara continued to provide administrative/front desk support.

CageworX Youth Classes

The youth kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs continued to grow. The kids BJJ competition team also saw a great deal of success in regional competitions.

CageworX Fight Team

Billy Cortani and Dexter Thumm, Jr. had very successful amateur kickboxing debuts. Darrell Hutchins joined the fight team and had his debut as a CageworX fighter. Josh McCool did well in his kickboxing and Muay Thai matches. Fighters Jake Blaski and Jacob Goudie finished their amateur careers with a flourish and began to fight professionally. Coach Cody Houston returned to the cage for the first time in over 13 years to win his amateur fight just after turning 40! CageworX also continued to do cage set ups and sanctioning for a number of fights in Washington.

Building Purchase & Poser Yoga+CageworX

Another huge change was the purchase of the entire building by Cody & Jenny Houston. Jenny’s yoga studio, Poser Yoga, was moved from their downtown location to right next door to CageworX. It was no small feat. Cody, Jenny, their family and friends (including members of the yoga studio and CageworX) made it happen!

Giving to the Community

During the holiday season, CageworX and Poser Yoga teamed up to give back to the community. We had a very successful peanut butter drive and, like last year, we adopted a local family for whom we collected needed gifts to help them start the new year right.

The CageworX/PoserYoga Peanut Butter drive allowed us to give much needed protein to the Port Angeles Food Bank

2016…and Beyond!

2016 was incredibly busy and productive. 2017 looks to be another year of tremendous change and growth as PoserYoga joins CageworX. (Literally cutting a doorway to join the two businesses.) Many thanks to everyone who’s part of the CageworX family!!!

CageworX Kids Martial Arts News

Stripes for The Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class!

On Monday, May 18, 2015, we gave stripes to all the current students in our Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Everyone has been working (and playing!) as they learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We’re proud of everyone as they make progress on their martial arts path! Congratulations to our gray belts, John and Dee Dee and white belts Anna, Sam, Chase, Mark, Anthony, Natalie, Emma and Lucas!

Explanation of Youth BJJ Ranking System

In the Youth Program, rather than testing, Professor Houston checks students’ progress every day they train. Periodically, we will give stripes to mark advancement in technique and knowledge. Unlike the adult program, the youth students are also evaluated based on attendance and attention during classes.

The progression of belt colors are white, gray, yellow, orange and green. Up to four stripes may be given on a belt before advancing to the next color. When a student showed a marked change in their BJJ understanding, they may be promoted to the next belt level. When students reach the age of 16, they enter the adult BJJ belt promotion system of white, blue, purple, brown, black.

Congratulations to the CageworX Kids Martial Arts Competitors

On Saturday May 2, 2015, four members of the CageworX Youth Competition Team competed at the Youth Grappling Tournament, Chess on the Mat. John, Anna, Dee Dee, Mark and their families made their way to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Tacoma who organized and hosted the event. With their families and coaches cheering them on, all four did great! Dee Dee got a silver grappling against a GIANT kid who was much bigger than her. John and Anna each got bronzes competing well as they become veteran competitors (this was their fourth tournament). Mark won gold in his very first competition ever! We are so proud of all of them for their hard work and excellent sportsmanship.

To learn more about our Port Angeles WA Youth Martial Arts Programs, visit our Kids Program page or please contact us: